The purpose of Ink Project is to provide free tattoo cover ups for individuals that believe their pre-existing tattoos are impeding their lives.  This program is intended to empower and support individuals in enhancing their lives by providing a resource for tattoo cover ups of racist, gang, and/or profane tattoos.

Ink Project serves its community by combining community members, local human service agencies, and community businesses to address the need of tattoo cover ups. Their are many in our community that feel that their tattoos are keeping them from employment opportunities and from being able to fully participate positively in our community.  Ink Project is the means by which individuals in our community can replace a negative image on their skin with a new image and eliminate the barriers the old tattoo presented.

We offer a free service of tattoo cover ups to individuals within our community that have displayed an honest interest in eclipsing their past and achieving greater things.

Our key recipients would be those involved in an agency within their community working to better their lives. Removal of these tattoos can help by: opening employment opportunities, reducing gang association, eliminating embarrassing tattoos, promoting positive self esteem, and building confidence.